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Here at JR Olives we have a true passion for everything Olives. 

We supply only the healthiest olive trees from our farms. We also offer the best services to nurture you current olive trees and make sure they reach their full potential.

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3lt pot 500cm - 1.2M TREE Height

jr olives

3lt mission 500+cm

10lt Frantoio

10lt Mission

20lt pot 1.8m - 2.5m tree height

Rooted cuttings in small pots

Kalamata 20lt


Go with the best. Go with JR Olives...

Top quality suppliers

We supply only the healthiest olive trees from our farms. We also offer the best services to nurture you current olive trees and make sure they reach their full potential.

Your choice is our variety

We have awide selection of olive trees available. The cultivars range from FRANTOIO, LECCINO, C0RATINA, MISSION, KALAMATA, MANZANILLA and more.

True to type

We supply true to type olive trees from a seed or a cutting. We nurture these youngsters in a soilless organic medium that promotes healthy root and tree growth.


Consultation & Pruning

Apart from growing and supplying Olive trees, we also offer consultation and pruning of existing Olive orchards as well as development of new orchards.

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JR Olives

Types of Olives we supply...


The oil

  • High oil content (22%)
  • Oil quality is balanced and fruity, flavorful, sharp oil
  • Oil character is good
  • Good stability in oil and easy to process

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Productivity is high and constant
  • Frantoio is self fertile but better results when planted with Coratina and Leccino
  • Frantoio is tolerant to cold
  • Sensitive to Peacock spot


  • Best known oil cultivar in the world
  • Renown for it’s adaptability


The oil

  • Oil content = (19%)
  • Intense fruity and pungent oil
  • High levels of phenols

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Comes into bearing very early
  • Productivity is high and constant
  • Tolerant to cold
  • Needs cross pollinators – recommended cultivars (Leccino and Frantoio)


  • This cultivar is useful to groves wanting to lengthen their harvesting period. Coratina ripens latest of all cultivars.


The oil

  • Medium oil content
  • Very good quality oil
  • Not commercially used for oil, due to expensive price for table olives

Agronomic Characteristics

  • High productivity but alternate
  • Kalamata needs cross-pollinators
  • Suggested cross-pollinators is Frantoio
  • Kalamata is moderately tolerant of frost
  • Sensitive to Olive fly
  • Sensitive to very hot climate
  • Sensitive to acidic soil
  • Medium hardiness


  • Kalamata is the best known olive in the world
  • Kalamata is culturally demanding


The oil

  • Medium oil content (19%)
  • The oil is superbly balanced, without the tense bitterness of other oils.
  • Blend good with Frantoio.
  • Milder than Frantoio.

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Early bearing
  • High productivity
  • Suggested pollinators is Frantoio and Coratina
  • Medium to good resistance to cold
  • Medium resistance to drought
  • Medium sensitive to Peackock spot


  • Adapts easily to various growing environments
  • One of the most hardy cultivars


The oil

  •  Medium to high oil content (20%)
  • Good oil base
  • Less intensity than Frantonio, Leccino and Coratina
  • Does not age well past 15 months in bottle

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Medium productivity
  • Widely known for alternate bearing
  • Long ripening period
  • Suggested pollinator is Frantoio
  • Tolerant to cold
  • Very sensitive to Peacock spot and anthracnose


  • Resistant to bruising and thus easy handling
  • Considered a hardy cultivar
  • Olives can be used for green and black processing as well as for oil – sometimes termed as triple-purpose cultivar


The oil

  • Medium to low oil content of acceptable quality

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Medium productivity
  • Manzanilla needs cross-pollinators
  • Suggested pollinator is Frantoio
  • Tolerant of cold
  • Fairly resistant to Olive Leaf Spot and Olive knot.


  • Manzanilla is the world standard for green table olives. When correctly processed, It is very suited to pitting and stuffing, due to the shape of the fruit.